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Posted by : Nikki Lynn Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm so behind on posting for LVS Kids News.
Probably thought I was taking a vacation.
Truth is for a few months now I have really become involved in my childs
Lvs line.

 I was honored to be contacted by WillowDale Elementary and High school and Next Gen to do some work for them and their kids.

If you are parents, or a child and are interested in WillowDale
I highly recommend heading over and talking with these wonderful people.
I've had the opportunity to not only talk and work with the staff. But also
get to know a lot of the students.And they are some of the greatest,and friendliest people I've met in Second Life.

Their slurl is : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Carmel%20Bay/21/140/22

And just to touch on a subject that I seem to be asked about a lot, and so you see it straight from me.

I have no issue with working with multiple schools. If you are interested there is information at the Lvs Kids Store. I have been in Secondlife for going on 7 years,I put 100% in all my work.Regardless of the genre or brand.

The information packet contains all the prices,and the packs you can purchase for your school. There will be no negotiation of prices,or acceptations made.Prices were determined by speaking with friends who are also designers,and then found a fair medium for myself, I believe the prices to be fair.

And just so you know a little about me in a nutshell, I do not do drama.To me this is a waste of time,and I will not allow anyone to waste my time. Anyone found copybotting, any products I make,or sell will be reported immediately. And because I support, and use many products made by our gifted sculpted and texture developers they also will be notified if your theft is brought to my attention.
And they to will file DMCA reports on you as well.

I love my job,which is exactly what Secondlife is for me. It is my job, it is my passion. I expect the utmost respect for myself,and for my work.And those who
share my love for developing for Secondlife.

Now that,that nonsense has been touched on,to the fun stuff!

Items made for WES students from Lvs Kids.
Also if you go and enroll today. You'll get an exclusive gift
from Lvs Kids,made especially for WillowDale Students.

And now to the fun stuff!

Wes Kids Wear!
School Balloons

BasketBall Uniforms

cheerleader girls!

School Uniforms (these are not required, but the kids seem to love them so much they've been wearing them for months now)

Theres a lot more!
Head over and see the School Store if you become a student!!

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